As Safran Textile, we aim to become solution partners with the leading brands in fast fashion industry, which is focused on exportation 80%, in terms of design and supply by producing girls and kids wear such as soft separate dress, blouse, skirt and trousers in garment manufacturing area under the name of Savcan Group, since 2003.We aim to be competitive with the difference we make in terms of speed, price and quality for our customers, by maintaining full integration in value-added processes in our group structure. In terms of supplying, we offer solutions considering our customers’ needs with our internal production in Bursa and Balıkesir certified sub-contracters in different areas in Turkey and our foreign supply network such as Vietnam and Fas. 15 internal designers provide service in terms of P&D and sales. We also go with the tide with our design and sales offices in Barcelona, London, Bursa and offer local sales service to our customers by using different perspectives.

Capacity: Monthly production of 800,000 pieces.

Our Values: Integrity, Reliability, Creativity, Quality with Speed, Collaboration.

Our Vision: Becoming the leader in the European fabric & garment supply market with its product and design range, creative and innovative structure, and customer service targeting to become a partner rather than just a supplier of the customer.

Our Mission:
Ensure customer satisfaction at the maximum level
Provide above expected product quality, at the minimum production cost and at the shortest time possible.
Value each employee and support personal development.
Encourage creativity through R&D and innovation
Be aware of the surrounding environment and protect it.